The Issei and Nisei Farmers: Their Legacy
Thank you for showing your support and gratitude for the Issei and Nisei farmers in your family! We are paying tribute to those farmers and you will be leaving a legacy in their honor on this website and on display at Tanaka Farms (space permitting)..

To create the collage we ask that you gather 6 to 8 photos and write a brief 250 word family farming history. Of interest would be answers to the following questions:
1) What prefecture did your ancestor originate from and were they farmers in Japan? 
2) When did they immigrate to the U.S.? 
3) Where did they farm and when? 
4) What crops did they grow? 
5) What challenges did they face? 
6) What camp were they relocated to during the war? (if applicable) 
7) Where did they live after WWII? 
8) Did they continue farming after the war?

​ ****** Please compose in finished form as the article will be copied and pasted to collage and website as is. ***** 

You may submit two document files, one with 250 words or less to be posted on the 18"x18" collage and if you have a lot to say, a second unlimited to be posted on the website.

OPTIONAL, upload document file listing spouses (maiden names), siblings and descendants. This will be great information for those searching for relatives or friends. *****Before submitting, please check with family members if they are comfortable with posting their names to this article. For some, this information might be too personal.*****

CLICK HERE to upload your photos and family description.

For questions, please contact Committee Members:
Lillian Sasaki at
Arlene Kato at

Below are samples 18"x18" finished collage